Mountain Lake has kayaks available for use on our lakes. Please contact the Colony House Front Desk to reserve a time. A waiver is required before use. Life jackets and paddles are provided.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located adjacent to the Pool House/Fitness Center at the west end of the Colony House. The pool is open year-round and is heated during the winter season as needed. Shower facilities are located adjacent to the pool. Towels are provided. 



Many areas within the Mountain Lake boundaries have never been disturbed. An abundance of wildlife can be found, some of it only in the Lake Wales region. At Mountain Lake, an unrivaled variety of birds can be seen overhead, in bushes, in the water, or at the shores edge. Various turtles are often seen in the waters of Mountain Lake. In the sixth hole lake, the eyes and nostrils of an alligator can frequently be detected. Bobcats are sometimes spotted at the south end of the park. Gray and red foxes, armadillos, possum, and raccoons are also about. The large, dark-faced fox squirrel is often seen on the golf course. 

Mountain Lake and Bok Tower Gardens also have an extensive collection of native and introduced plantings. Specimen examples of longleaf pine, live oak, blue jack oak, hickory, southern magnolias, crepe myrtle, Italian cypress, sable pine, and callitris are common. Not including the citrus groves, formal gardens, and fruit trees on the grounds of the residences, there are at least 100 plant families.